Citizen Trust Law and its portal

March 18, 2020

During the month of February of the current year, the portal for registration of the Ley de Fomento a the Citizen Trust .

The head of the executive has expressed that this law encourages the self-regulation of society, especially small office, businesses, and companies to act in good faith and with knowledge of their responsibilities . In the same way, it manifests fighting corruption at the lower levels of public administration generated by the monitoring of regulatory authorities, activities mainly carried out by the well-known inspectors .


As stipulated in Article 5, the registration process is voluntary , under protest to tell the truth and to continue complying with the tax obligations and regulations derived from economic activity.

Likewise, it may request the departure of the register without the procedure requiring verifications or reviews by the authority,

Those who do not apply as beneficiaries

Based on the provisions of the second paragraph, Article 1 of the Law for the Promotion of Citizen Trust, the law will not be applicable in the case of matters,

  • Fiscal
  • Customs
  • Occupational
  • Social Security
  • Foreign trade
  • Operations with resources of illicit origin in terms of the LFPIORPI
  • Audits and visits in relation to the Hydrocarbon Income Law

Units that will not suspend surveillance / inspection / verification

As established in Article 13 of the Law for the Promotion of Citizen Trust , the entire public administration is obliged to suspend its inspections with exceptions established therein such as:

  • Fiscal
  • National security
  • Civil protection
  • Human health
  • Environment
  • Weapons and explosives
  • Health risks
  • among other


These are presented in terms of administrative facilities determined by the National Commission for Regulatory Improvement based on the activities carried out and the related dependencies.

At the time of the roll of the register some of the benefits that are promoted are,

  • Know which inspections and home visits will be suspended based on active economic activity
  • Know the selection criteria for those who will be inspected
  • Verify if the person making the visit is authorized and how to comply with the inspection
  • Access benefits and administrative facilities such as access to support programs, financing, counseling and those that enroll the Dependencies

As can be seen, some of the characteristics that this law shows are not very detailed, likewise, within the exceptions established in the law, the limits of trust by the government can be understood.

However, regardless of whether you wish to participate or not, in the aforementioned government program, in the Despacho Contable de Xalapa we are convinced that, now more than ever, it is appropriate to maintain an up-to-date and in order fiscal situation, for our own benefit.

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