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August 21, 2020

One of the most important lessons learned in this pandemic is the importance of using digital tools in public and private service, where they can even save lives.

In a reality where people become the main vector of contagion, the policies of confinement and healthy distance take a sense of social responsibility and lead to the use of digital platforms that favor services, governmental or private.

This is why the “Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social” has implemented the IMSS Mailbox , a counterpart to the SAT Tax Mailbox, which in the same way will be of an official nature and with legal validity for the purposes that are available.

Legal basis

Ley del Social Security

  • Article 5
  • Article 40
  • Article 286 M

Código Fiscal de la Federación

  • Article 17-K
  • Article 134

Agreements of the H. Technical Council of the IMSS

  • Agreement HCT SA2.HCT.280813/234.P.DIR
  • Agreement ACDO.AS2.HCT.240620/170.P.DIR


  • Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) or Employer Registry (RP)
  • e-Sign
  • Email / Cellular Number, for the exclusive use of confirmation and notification.

Available services

Currently the IMSS Mailbox will be starting operations with a list of services that will be expanded in the future. Between them:

  • Consult and download the Proposals for Quotas, Contributions and Amortization Determination Certificates, with the following documents:
    • Capture lines (SPR-05 format) for each of the Employer Registries.
    • List of workers for each Employer Registry for uploading to the SUA.
    • List of movements of workers for each Employer Registry for uploading them to the SUA.
  • Communications of interest for the fulfillment of obligations in the matter of Social Security.
  • Calendar of events and compliance with Social Security obligations.
  • Consultation and download of regulations on Social Security.
  • Electronic notification of acts issued in digital documents by the Institute.

Means of Attention or Contact

Email Telephone 800 623 23 23 > Option 5 > (Again) Option 5

In this way, with the IMSS Mailbox, advances are made in digitization and agility in employer procedures, supporting the social distancing protocols that came into force at the beginning of this year.

In this order of ideas, we remind you that in the Xalapa Accounting Office we have a digital infrastructure that allows us to serve you remotely and at a healthy distance, remaining at your command .

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