New trends for COVID-19

May 28, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for the world and the damage it is causing has not been limited to the health area. The second area hardest hit by the pandemic is the economy and with it, the labor and social sphere.

These drastic changes will undoubtedly change the form of the economic flow that we knew and will result in an evident economic recession worldwide, which will be a challenge for entrepreneurs, service providers and businesses.

Therefore, in an analysis of the trends that are looming, we want to make some suggestions that could be of help to you, who ensure the safety of your business and your work team,

Process efficiency

To be efficient , we know that this is the first and perhaps most well-trodden point within an action plan restructuring. However, it is also the most underrated for its “obviousness”.

The time has come!, make a thorough analysis of your goals, processes, services, expenses and income. What role do I play in this new society? Having that information clearly is vital in decision making.

Because it is not a restructuring under normal conditions, it is a good idea that its fundamental productive activity is protected to continue operating against the ‘ups and downs’ in the process to the new normal .

Transit to digital technologies

If we can learn something from this pandemic, it is that during social distancing, the use of technology allowed us to be the bridge between businesses and clients, friends and family, productive activity and recreational activity.

Right in pursuit of the first idea, streamlining processes is not only about eliminating and thinning the production chain, but also empowering and multiplying efforts with the inclusion of technologies that allow access to key information at all times and with just a ‘click’ .

The progressive inclusion of the digital component in any economic activity will be one of the key elements for this new stage, mainly in decision-making.

Monitoring of appropriate sources and indicators

During this pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) also warned of an Infodemic or The danger of fake news.

With the new current of alternative media and the penetration of the digital world into normal life, it is important to be vaccinated against excess information, especially harmful information, since it deviates you from the direction outlined in your plans.

Similarly, today it is possible to graph almost any event, trend, process, and from all angles you can imagine, however due to the plasticity of the information, these graphs could be intentionally selected to trace a specific narrative, ask yourself who benefits from that narrative?

Therefore, we recommend:

  • Follow official or extremely trusted sources of information
    We return to the “obvious”, but it is time to check if everything that appears to be … is .
  • Always make a firm distinction between opinion note and official statement.
    Follow the indications of the news at 8 columns of the most controversial newspaper, or the SAT communication in the DOF, could have very different outcomes .
  • Be careful of the indicators that follow
    Gross or net, both are income, which one would you prefer to increase ?.

Quality of service and response

In an economy in recession like the current one, the quality of service and customer service will undoubtedly be one of the best work policies for any business.

For businesses and service providers, being favored with preference and even better, with the recurring preference of a client, will be one of the best strategies for subsistence and even growth in post-COVID times19.

And we know that we are not always in our best position, that is why clear, sincere and empathetic communication with your customers and suppliers is key to an economic recovery in a consumer and development community.

Within your means, learn to help and ask for help.

Because our country has always differentiated itself by its empathy in difficult times, we invite you to during this period of economic revival.

  • Leverage your business with the use of digital tools
  • Analyze the information you receive more scrupulously
  • Emphasize its quality and warmth.

For our part, we continue at your disposal offering quality accounting services, in this new normality.

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