Padrón de Exportadores, the first step to the international commerce

October 12, 2018

This week we will engage a topic of global projection, we will talk about Exports.

For many aspiring to an international market is an area of ​​skepticism, or disbelief, however as the global economy closes its ranks globally, it is possible to be closer and closer to previously unimaginable markets.

This, through a process of constant planning and preparation, allows us to break the national border of the movement of its products to the world, as you would have expected, in Despacho Contable de Xalapa we will support you to discover more about the fiscal details in said process.

As an old saying indicates, let’s start with the beginning .

Once you have your goal to export internationally, you need a series of requirements and procedures before the SAT. One of the obligations is to be registered in the Padrón de Exportadores Sectorial, the procedure is free and applies for the following merchandise:

  1. Alcohol, denatured alcohol and uncrystallizable honeys.
  2. Beer.
  3. Tequila.
  4. Fermented alcoholic drinks (wines).
  5. Distilled alcoholic beverages (liqueurs).
  6. Cigars and styled tobacco.
  7. Energy drinks, as well as concentrates powders and syrups to prepare energy drinks.
  8. Iron ores and concentrates.
  9. Gold, silver and copper.
  10. Plastics.
  11. Rubber.
  12. Wood and Paper.
  13. Glass.
  14. Iron and steel.
  15. Aluminum.

The foregoing in accordance with the Customs Law, articles 59, section IV, Rule 1.3.7 of the Foreign Trade Rules.

Conditions to apply,

  • Be registered and active in the RFC as a natural or legal person.
  • Have a valid e.firma (digital sign)
  • Proof of compliance with tax obligations.
  • Tax domicile according to the registered in the RFC (or in process of verification of the ACIA)
  • Not to be listed of the companies with presumption of EFOS / EDOS
  • Status of the “Validated” tax box.
  • For individuals, they must carry out business activities in terms of Title II, Chapter VIII and Title IV, Chapter II, Sections I and II of the ISR Law.

If you meet these conditions, you can start the process, which will have a response time of 10 business days.

The process can be presented in person at the facilities of the Decentralized Administration of Taxpayer Services (ADSC).

Online Registration (Spanish),

  • Timetable for receiving documents: Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Response to request: maximum 10 business days.
  • Cost of processing: Free
If your data is rejected, you can resolve the discrepancies in your documentation and reinstate your application.
As you can see, projecting your business to international trade is not a daily task with a couple of requirements, however with assistance and commitment to your project is an achievable goal.
Count with the peace of mind that at Despacho Contable de Xalapa, we can manage your national operations as well as abroad.

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