This 2021 represents a year of challenges, a year of goals and, above all, a future to regain certainty in the broadest sense. For this reason, we consider it useful, kind reader, to address the normative issue of the New Normal , as broadly and clearly as possible.

The main agreement on the guidelines was published in the DOF during May 2020, which was prepared jointly by,

  • Health Secretary
  • Ministry of Economy
  • Secretary of labor and social security
  • Mexican Social Security Institute

Basic concepts of identification in work centers

Dimensions for the categorization of the workplace

Type of activity

The activities listed in the following table have been deemed essential by the federal government.

Risk level

In accordance with the Health Alert System, the work centers will identify the level of risk established for the municipality or population in which they are located.

Identify the size of the workplace

To implement the corresponding measures, the identification of the size of the economic unit will be in accordance with the following table:



Range of number of working people </ b >



Up to 10



From 11 to 30

Industry and Services

From 11 to 50



From 31 to 100


From 51 to 100


From 51 to 250


Services and Commerce

From 101


From 251

Identify internal characteristics of the work center

Also, the particular characteristics of the workplace must be identified, considering the following:

  • Personnel in situations of vulnerability or greater risk of contagion for each of the areas or departments of the companies, such as older adults, with disabilities or with a chronic disease, as well as pregnant or lactating women.
  • The areas or departments that the work center has (offices, warehouses, customer service areas and common areas).

Within the requirements for the return to the “New Normal”, the businesses that carry out activities marked as “essential”, must comply with the requirements that come within the technical guidelines for sanitary security, which can be found in new normality., in the Documents tab

Once you have knowledge of the necessary requirements, you can proceed to the registration, according to the following steps:

  1. Do the filling of your general information
  2. Upload the document in Word called “Protocolos de Seguridad Sanitaria”
  3. Fill out the template in Excel according to the number of branches you have and the address of each one
  4. Fill out the questionnaire on compliance with health security protocols
  5. Invite each of your workers to take the course “Recommendations for a safe return to work against COVID-19“, on the page
  6. Obtain from the IMSS, the APPROVAL sheet where it validates that the requirements for the new normal are being met.
  7. Comply with the health protocols within the premises, issued by the IMSS, including:
  • Contagion prevention measures in the “Health Promotion” company such as
    • Entry-exit control
    • Healthy Distance
  • Use of personal protective equipment

It is important to mention that the Secretary of Labor has the power to verify compliance with the previous guidelines as well as the power to issue sanctions in cases of non-compliance with any of them, for which we invite you to know, analyze and comply with them.

State’s Guidelines

It is necessary to note that the implementation and supervision of the guidelines is the responsibility of the state governments, in this case we will talk about our state of origin, Veracruz.

Since each municipality has local guidelines, the Secretary of Civil Protection makes home visits to visually corroborate that they comply with the Safety and Hygiene regulations, as well as ask that the QR code that is obtained be in view in the following portal:

  1. To obtain it, the general data of the company is captured
  2. Subsequently, a self-evaluation is carried out (according to an IMSS questionnaire)
  3. Once approval is obtained, the QR code is received to the registered email

The QR code must be visible at all branches that are registered under the business or trade in question.

Xalapa municipality guidelines

We end with the last level of authority that applies to our area of origin, the city of Xalapa-Enríquez.

These are published through the municipal gazettes, in which reference is made to the traffic light in which the municipality is located.

The regulatory process can be lengthy, however if the goal of training employees and employers is achieved, then it improves the opportunity to keep the risk of contagion under control within an economy hit by the global pandemic.

At the Despacho Contable de Xalapa we follow the applicable protocols and regulations in this process of returning to the New Normal, we invite you to do the same. Remaining at your service when looking for highly professional accounting services.

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