Integral services for recording, conciliation, verification and production of useful and reliable financial information.

These include:

  • Accounting consulting
  • Supervising accounting techniques
  • Reengineering records
  • Fiscal and accounting diagnostics
  • Preparation and translation of financial statements.


Projection, calculation and determination of declaration and recommendation service legally grounded allowing fairness and proportionality on your tax outlay.


Diagnosis, recommendation and elaboration of internal controls that result on productivity and efficiency on your financial spectrum.


Analysis and validation of transparency on financial information for directive, credit institutions, IRS authorities  usage to mention some.

  • Reports on for previously convened procedures
  • Orientation on the elaboration of fiscal addendum
  • Support for the re-expedition of financial statements.
  • Cash audit and estimation of uncollectible accounts.
  • Stocktaking of physical goods and fixed assets inventory
  • Payroll tests

Social Security (IMSS)

Counseling, tracking and revision on high impact transactions for employees social security as well as employer compliance.

  • Employment registration
  • Affiliation process
  • Registry modifications
  • Determination of labor risk premium
  • Issue payments records for employment premiums