AGAPES Tax Regime

This national month we want to take the opportunity to expand the cultural heritage in Tax matters, for which we wish to speak about the Agricultural, Livestock, Fishing and Silvicultural Activities (AGAPES). Let’s start with the basics, economic activities are divided into three sectors: Primary Sector: activities aimed at obtaining Read More

Third Fiscal Collaborator; SAT support

Starting in January 2020, a new figure against fraud and tax evasion came into force, which the Federal Government has constantly promoted against simulated operations and “false” invoices. Just as the Secretariat of the Civil Service implemented its program Citizen Alerts of Corruption in Mexico, during Ju Third Fiscal Collaborator Read More

June, and do you still have any pending?

Dear Taxpayer, We know that during this contingency there were causes that could have restricted or limited many economic activities such as professional services. In this sense, accounting and tax services have not been left behind, highlighting the importance of being able to work remotely and at a distance thanks Read More

Tax Retentions to Digital Platforms

As previously mentioned, as of June 1, the corresponding collection of income over 5 thousand pesos generated through digital platforms will begin to be made within the following items, Hosting Example: Airbnb, Vrbo and alike Alienation of goods or provision of services Example: Amazon, Mercadolibre, Upwork, Aliada, and alike. Ground Read More

New trends for COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge for the world and the damage it is causing has not been limited to the health area. The second area hardest hit by the pandemic is the economy and with it, the labor and social sphere. These drastic changes will undoubtedly change the Read More

Date certainty, tying up dots

April at the national level, is one of the months with the highest fiscal activity by the Annual Declaration of Natural Persons and at the same time, it is an invitation to investigate the reforms, updates and new legislation in force that, after a few months, could have economic consequences Read More

Annual tax return 2019

April arrived and with it the 2019 annual tax return for individuals. We endorse our attention and quality service at a Safe Distance.. Phone: 228 186 6841 Contactc: Email: Or you can contact us on our social networks. Twitter – Facebook – We remain at your Read More

Citizen Trust Law and its portal

During the month of February of the current year, the portal for registration of the Ley de Fomento a the Citizen Trust . The head of the executive has expressed that this law encourages the self-regulation of society, especially small office, businesses, and companies to act in good faith Read More

Vulnerable activities and invitations to register

We have previously commented on the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Resources of Illicit Origin (LFPIORPI), known as “anti money laundering” in terms of the use of cash and metals allowed, by law in commercial operations. Today, we resume this, since the SAT is using Read More

RMF 2020 – VAT withholding

On December 28, 2019, the Fiscal Miscellaneous Resolution for 2020 was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, which provides for a period of 10 days to settle bills for 2019, without making any withholding. The article in question points to the letter: Para los efectos del artículo 1-A, Read More

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