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RIF, activate the Tax Mailbox, now!

Since 2020 it was defined that the activation or update of the means of contact of the tax mailbox would be mandatory, so that the SAT would have a direct line with the taxpayers. If you are a legal person, you should have it enabled from September 30, 2020; or Read More

It’s time, occupational hazard insurance premium

Like every year, February is the month that corresponds to calculate the insurance premium for work risk and therefore, we want to take the opportunity to mention it and invite you to comply with this obligation. You may remember that we have a page that describes the process, In the Read More

UMA 2021 update

¿Que es una UMA? In addition to this post and for greater clarity of this term, we invite you to visit our first publication in this regard, thanking you for your valuable time and interest in our publications. A reference translation of the official definition is, The Unit of Measurement Read More

Regulation of economic activities in the New Normal

This 2021 represents a year of challenges, a year of goals and, above all, a future to regain certainty in the broadest sense. For this reason, we consider it useful, kind reader, to address the normative issue of the New Normal , as broadly and clearly as possible. The main Read More

Happy new year 2021!

Temporary support for unemployed people due to COVID-19 in Veracruz

The economic ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue for several months, in different parts of the country there are different strategies to manage risk, as well as to reactivate the economy. Today, we want to extend the strategy published by the Government of Veracruz, our state of origin. In Read More

Reactivation of the national economy in times of COVID

The pandemic has been a worldwide challenge that has exhibited the fragility of economic systems, the solidity of public decisions in health and in general the enormous social inequality that exists in the world as in the Mexican Republic. Within the vast information that exists from experts from the WHO Read More

AGAPES Tax Regime

This national month we want to take the opportunity to expand the cultural heritage in Tax matters, for which we wish to speak about the Agricultural, Livestock, Fishing and Silvicultural Activities (AGAPES). Let’s start with the basics, economic activities are divided into three sectors: Primary Sector: activities aimed at obtaining Read More

IMSS mailbox

One of the most important lessons learned in this pandemic is the importance of using digital tools in public and private service, where they can even save lives. In a reality where people become the main vector of contagion, the policies of confinement and healthy distance take a sense of Read More

Third Fiscal Collaborator; SAT support

Starting in January 2020, a new figure against fraud and tax evasion came into force, which the Federal Government has constantly promoted against simulated operations and “false” invoices. Just as the Secretariat of the Civil Service implemented its program Citizen Alerts of Corruption in Mexico, during Ju Third Fiscal Collaborator Read More

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